From: OUTspoken
Date: November 1, 2019
Subject: I'm Dummy Thicc and the sound of me using people's right pronouns keep alerting the boomers.

The OUTspoken web banner. There are rainbow hexagons on a white background and the OUTspoken logo is placed above red, yellow, green, and blue lines.

So no header? 

This is gonna be a bit shorter both because there's less events and also because I'm tired and need food and I promised Ada I would take care of myself better about fifteen minutes ago. 

Was it just me or did it feel like October was like two months long? Oh well, time isn't even real. Let's try and keep this quick (I say that everytime and then fail because I'm terrified of disappointing the recipients of this newsletter now that I have set a precedent)

There's going to be a Voice Lab Open House for trans students on November 6th, from 4:30 to 6:00 at LBJ-3225. I feel like I capitalized the event name when I didn't need to...Also there will be snacks at the open house! There are fliers in the Q Center and is also posted on our social media which is linked below.

Now for all the stuff I've talked about in previous emails, but now it's actually coming together and happening soon! Q Fest will be on November 10th in the Davis Room from 3 to 6. We're going to have a dance floor, kareoke (is that how you spell it? I don't see the red squiggly line, but maybe Campus Groups doesn't do's the thing where you sing songs.), and more activities from all the different clubs. Last year it turned into tabling but not this year! I am on table lookout, so if I see a table at Q Fest (unless an activity needs one) I will turn in to an early 2010's meme and flip a table. 
DYUTR will be on November 16th from 12 to 5, with the event starting in SDC-1300/1310. I don't want to get in to too much detail in this newsletter, because there's a lot of information and I don't want anybody to get lost in the sauce, but there will be funky fresh t-shirts just like last year, and you can register for the event below. (Yes, I know nobody really registers for events ahead of time, but we would really appreciate it if you did for this so that we have an estimate of who's coming <3 )

Also, we hit 100 followers on our Instagram page, which is really cool! We also have a Twitter and Facebook. We have 49 followers on Twitter, so we need twenty more. I post content that some people find humorous. 

I'm gonna go scratch my nose because it's itchy and now that I'm talking about it it's itching more.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

At the top of the meme is black text that says Half of gen z would laugh if someone took a picture of a frog, colored it blue and wrote arson under it. Below the text is a very saturated image of a frog colored blue with large mostly pink text saying arso

I smell popcorn, but as far as I know we don't have popcorn in the office. BUT WE DO HAVE...

  • A functional button maker now! Yay! 
  • A tiny rainbow cowboy hat which is what I'm wearing in my Tik Tok profile picture
  • Two boxes taped together with two pieces of cardboard taped onto half of a swiffer stick laying inside of it. Also a blue hanger. That's not up for grabs though, that was just my Halloween costume that I didn't want to take home last night.
  • New snacks like cookies, pretzels, ring pops, and fruit snacks
  • A phone that we need to replace
  • Two less pieces of red paper than we had last week (also part of my costume)
  • A cup of pens but 40% of the pens don't work
  • A hammer that I should probably return to Sarah now that we got a replacement button maker
  • A bottle of Purell Advanced Hand Sanitzer that kills 99.99% of most illness causing germs in the form of a Refreshing Gel that Leaves Hands Feeling Soft and has 2 times Sanitizing Strength compared to Other National Brands. Its about 45% full
  • 3 Global Union glasses that Ada just found

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Do You Understand the Rainbow?

Saturday, November 16, 2019
12:00pm - 5:00pm
CSD-1300/1310 Combo, United States
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