From: OUTspoken
Date: September 27, 2019
Subject: To the 46% who didn't open the last newsletter: why don't you love me?

The OUTspoken web banner. There are rainbow hexagons on a white background and the OUTspoken logo is placed above red, yellow, green, and blue lines.
The fish on the wall from the McDonald's filet o fish commercial. there is white text on top of it that says me taking an open note quiz and getting a 0 out of 6. the plaque below reads

I see that one person unsubscribed after reading my last newsletter. What's good?

Apparently lots of people liked my last newsletter, so now I can stop testing the waters and start using some of my full powers. 

So a long time ago, back when RSO's were called MSO's, OUTspoken did this thing called Queerbook. It's sort of like a queer yearbook what if that's how they got the name and one of the things it included was coming out stories. By decree of our President Ryan (I don't think presidents make decrees but whatever) we're bringing it back! We created a google form for you to submit your coming out stories which you can find here
Labrys is having their annual bake sale in the SAU on Monday, 9/30 from 11 to 2 pm, and everything is individually wrapped and labeled with ingredients so if you get an allergic reaction you can pin the blame on the baker for not properly labelling. 
ritGA is going apple picking on 10/26, so if you want to go and can drive people, you will have all of ritGA's uwus. (I need to be stopped) As the date approaches, we will have more information. 
And lastly but not leastly, Pride Prints! Yes, it's still happening, and we got the paint now, so we mean business. Pride Prints will be on October 11th from noon to 3:30 in the Infinity Quad. And after Pride Prints we're going to have a mini Pride Parade where we walk from the Infinity Quad to the Sundial and we can use the flag we all made as a banner. 

Yes, I know my date formats are inconsistent, and this is probably just the low quality sequel to the original that everyone loved just like the early to mid 2000s Disney movies, but I am very tiny and have no seratonin, so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under. 

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

You should follow our social media for more great words and images from the brilliant mind behind the weekly newsletter. Here are some examples of my genius.
a tweet from the OUTspoken twitter that says "maybe the real two genders were the friends we made along the way"
a picture of Megamind from the movie "Megamind"

Come to our office hours! We have things like

  • an orange bucket filled with candy
  • half a bag of Moe's tortilla chips
  • two jars of what I thought was apricot jam but are actually caramel flavored topping
  • a plastic box containing rainbow sprinkles
  • the hummus and salsa are still in the fridge
  • Free contraceptives, stickers and buttons!
  • a positive attitude* 
  • the single cup of chicken flavored Maruchan instant ramen is still up for grabs
  • an unplugged Keurig
  • one (1) sugar packet
  • chip bags
  • granola bars
  • numerous tiny salt packets
  • a can of crushed pinapples in 100% pinapple juice
*an extremely limited event. only while supplies last

These memes were requested by our president, Ryan. I hope you enjoy them even though the Megamind one isn't a meme but just an image I included after realizing the fish needed more space.