From: OUTspoken
Date: October 25, 2019
Subject: Ryan told me to give you STDs

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Oh my goodness there's so much stuff happening, so LGBT lets get down to business and defeat the Huns. I feel like it's important for everyone to know my mom is here watching me write this and is critiquing it like one of the many elementary school essays I had to write. 

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day of events. (Two of which are contained in that conveinient table) Going from earliest to latest...

ritGA is having their annual apple picking event from 10 am to 1 pm tomorrow! If you signed up, you should already have the information, so don't forget! If you didn't sign up, well, that sucks because signups are closed. 

Tomorrow in the Infinity Quad, A-Space will be hosting their tie-dye event from noon to 4. Shirts will be provided, but make sure to wear clothes you won't mind getting a bit dirty. Or you could do the real Big Brain move and just wear what you want to get tie-dyed.  


Tomorrow night at Ellie's Place (if you walk in to the SDC it's the big open area) is Gay-lloween Extravaganza! There's gonna be cookie decorating, games, and some spooky pride buttons. But the scariest thing is that our button maker is broken :(( 

Now, I know what you're thinking. "I have plans tomorrow, so I can't go pick apples or go to a halloween party!" Worry not friends! OUTspoken will be at Global Union's Halloween Extravaganza on 10/31 from 6 to 9 in the SAU with supplies for you to make your own candy apples, and hopefully our new button maker will arrive by then so everyone can make some Halloween buttons! (Please. We have so many left over from last year.)

And now, here are some STDs Ryan wanted me to share with you all. Q Fest on 11/10, and Do You Understand the Rainbow on 11/16. Not sure if I should mention the time and place yet, because this is just an STD (save the date), not a STDTP (save the date, time, place). But I will be promoting the h*ck out of those two events so you will most likely know all you need to know! 

Queerbook. Guess what? We still need submissions. I'm tired, and you all probably know the deal by now. Coming out story, can be anonymous, this form

Also, I see that more people have unsubscribed from my newsletters, so to all the haters out there, you're boogerheads. 

'Ight, I'mma head out.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing


Saturday, October 26
Start End   Event         Location
12:00 pm 4:00 pm A Space Tie Dye Infinity Quad
6:00 pm 11:00 pm Halloween Night CSD-1950 Ellie's Place

A picture of a marimba with the image color's inverted. In white Comic Sans font there is text spread around the top of the image reading, "woah" "waw" "wat a spooky maimbra" "2 spooky 4 u" "u will be ok"

We need people to start bringing in random stuff so that I can have more variety for these. 

  • 50 Russian Rubles
  • A large soup container from Nathan's. It wasn't styrofoam or papery like the other ones, it was like a bendy tupperware sort of container. What do I do with it? Do I take it back to my apartment? Do I give it back? I'm not sure what to do, someone please help me.
  • Three less flavored condoms because my mom tasted them
  • My laptop that is probably still updating
  • A printer that still doesn't work
  • Ada's toolkit she brought in for me to use so I could take apart a broken SEGA Game Gear
  • A mint dental dam that I used along with needlenose pliers to try to take apart the broken SEGA Game Gear after Ada's tools didn't work
  • A blank DSO test envelope that I never put back after my professor said he already dropped off my exam
  • A volleyball