From: OUTspoken
Date: January 17, 2020

A scene from the show The I.T. Crowd that is a closeup shot of Moss's face with a bandage. In yellow text, the caption says [Windows start up sound]

It's time for MEGA NEWSLETTER!

Sorry about not sending out a newsletter for a while, (or for the entirety of the month of December...) a mix of mental health and assignments due and finals just made it hard for me to get myself to make a quality newsletter. But to compensate, this week is MEGA NEWSLETTER! With four times the content and four times the memes. With four times the content, there's a lot of stuff to cover in this, but I'll try to use the handy dandy divider widget to split it up. As usual, upcoming events will come first, but the end has some importat stuff too! (Some of which I think will be especially interesting for trans people...)

Okay, you should know the drill by now. I try to keep it short but then I panic because I think it's not informative enough, and then it gets really out of hand.

  • 1/19: Deadline to apply for OUTspoken job for spring semester. If you're interested in working with OUTspoken this spring, submit a resume and answer a few questions!
  • 2/1, 5:30 PM, Ritter Ice Rink: Women's Club Hockey Pride Night. It's free real estate! I went last year and there were pride flags hung around, and it was super fun. This year we'll be tabling there!
  • 2/3,  LGBTQ+ Health Fair. I heard that it's good for your health.
Wow, that was actually fairly short. But I did just stop writing halfway through and looked on TikTok for thirty minutes, so...


*infomercial voice* Are you tired of this happening to you? (Now this is where it would go to black and white video with someone being really overdramatic while spilling some juice) "Oh no, I want to get a chest binder but I don't know what size, style, or color would work best for me! If only there was a way I could try it without having to purchase it first, not knowing if I will even like it!" (Now it goes back to color where the person does the exact same thing with this new product but this time they actually complete the task) INTRODUCING BINDERS IN THE OUTSPOKEN OFFICE! If you're interested in purchasing a chest binder, but you want to try one on first to see how they feel and if it's right for you, just let us know and we can set you up! We have all sizes, three different shades/colors, and a few different styles!

A generous donor wanted to help the trans community here at RIT, and they donated tucking tape to us! Again, hit us up if you're interested!

Coming out stories. Please. Thanks. Submit here.

If you're interested in going to the Northeastern LGBT Conference (NELGBTC), fill out this survey! I'm tired and it's late and my laptop is running out of battery and I purposefully left the charger in another room so that it would force me to finish the newsletter faster, so for information about what exactly NELGBTC is, check out their website.

Also, the Q Center's hours are changing a bit. They're opening later on Wednesday mornings, now at 11:00 AM, due to our Q Center counselor, Emma, running a support group for people who are in the process of coming out, thinking of coming out, or anything like that. If you want more info/want to be a part of that, just email Emma at

OKAY well that newsletter wasn't as mega as I expected, but I'm very tired and have kept everyone waiting long enough already. Reminder to follow our social media accounts linked below to get more frequent updates and reminders and memes about stuff happening around RIT and just the LGBTQ+ community in general. Also it makes me feel validated because I'm the one who runs those pages.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

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I'm in my bedroom right now, so I will use this sidebar for more memes. But I can tell you what we don't have in the office, and that's a computer. ITS if you're reading this, please give back our computer.
A tweet from Leslie Jones from June 18th 2016 that says @MetaNemesis she gay dude stop it lol
Tweet from user @aayylmao from May 21st 2016 saying my life is one big boiled corn on the cob
Screen capture from the Wikipedia page for the Heterodontosaurus. The head and fossilized skull of a heterodontosaurus is on a black background, and the caption below the image is cropped to say heterodont.