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New Member's Guide

Below you’ll find our club’s rules and expectations, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Much of it is straightforward, but make sure to read this if you plan on regularly showing up.

Before Joining
Before participating, all members must sign an annual waiver. The waiver protects RIT in case any member is injured during a club activity. We will have copies available for you at the first few practices, or you can click here to print, sign, and bring to your first meeting.

Before Practice
Remember to drink some water and eat at least one meal the day of practice, try not to eat right before coming though. Get some sleep the night before, too. Make sure to practice good hygiene, take a shower and trim your nails.

What to Bring
Bring clothes you feel comfortable working out in. If you have a martial arts uniform and belt, feel free to wear them. All jewelry should either be removed or taped over. There are men and women’s locker-rooms and water fountains next to the wrestling room, which you are allowed to use. Bringing a water bottle is always a good idea. Please note, shoes and socks are not allowed in the wrestling room.

During Practice
Practices begin by lining everyone up by rank, with non-uniformed members going at the end. After announcements, an officer will begin leading warm-ups. After warming up, the actual practice starts. If there are multiple activities, they will be divided by skill, usually beginners and advanced. You are free to choose whichever group you’d like, they are just suggestions. When practice is over, everyone will line up again and closing announcements will be made. If you arrive late and miss warm-ups, simply find a spot to warm up on your own before joining a group.If at any point you feel lightheaded, need water, or need to rest, you are free to do so. Please inform an officer you are taking a break so we know not to worry.  

After Practice
If another club will be using the room after us, please grab your things and exit once we are done. If not, club members are allowed a few extra minutes of practice as long as an officer is present. Do not hang out in the room after practice.

We are required to report all injuries that occur during practice. If you are injured during practice, please notify an officer immediately. There is no punishment for an accident, though not reporting an injury is a serious issue. We have a club first-aid kit that is always fully stocked.

Practice Etiquette 
For your safety and others’, pay attention when are instructions are given. While chatting is allowed, our main priority is providing a place for members to improve their fitness and skills, talking is less productive than practice. You will be asked to stop if it is becoming distracting. Never intentionally injure others or purposefully misuse what we practice. This will result in permanent expulsion from the club.

We follow the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) rules for sparring, although most of our sparring will be unscored. Sparring rules will be explained in-depth as needed by new members. If you want to try sparring, you will need the gear listed below. Some of these will be available to borrow, but we cannot guarantee we have enough to supply everyone:
  • Mouth guard (provided by us for free)
  • Head protector
  • Chest protector (must at least extend to ribs, back protection preferable)
  • Forearm/Hand (wrist reinforcements required)
  • Shin/Instep protector
  • Foot protector (only if shin protector does not also have an instep protector)
  • Groin protector (males only, must bring your own)
Interpreting Services
It is your responsibility to arrange for an interpreter. You can request an interpreter through http://myaccess.rit.edu.
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