Tech Crew's primary mission is to support on-campus student activities and events. These events include, but are not limited to, dance parties, lectures, concerts and Commencement. As part of the Center for Campus Life, Tech Crew supports operations campus wide.

Ingle Auditorium | SAU 04-1250

Ingle Auditorium is a 489 seat auditorium located at the center of campus and homes the Tech Crew base of operations. Ingle commonly hosts a large range of events like lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, movie screenings, ceremonies, and more. The professional audio, lighting, and video systems installed within the space are ready and flexible to meet the needs of your event. The auditorium features furnishings and backstage / green room space to support your event requirements.

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Fireside Lounge | SAU 04-1550

The Fireside Lounge, located in the SAU / Campus Center, is a multi-purpose lounge and event space. In its default configuration the lounge serves as a place for students to relax, eat, and converse amongst the cushioned chairs, a blazing fireplace, and large windows. After a quick reconfiguration of the room it can be used for a wide variety of events including presentations, ceremonies, and performances. The room features an in-house sound and video projection system capable of supporting public address and background music. Our portable sound and lighting systems can supplement professional technical equipment for events that require more support than the built in systems provide.

Davis Room (Café) | SAU 04-1300

The Davis Room (SAU Café) features an open concept layout allowing for a wide range of events to be set up in the space. Our staging and dance floor services available in this room are perfect complements for concerts, ceremonies, dances, and parties. An in-house audio and lighting system is available to use for smaller events within the space, while larger events may seek to utilize our professional speaker systems.

RITz Sports Zone | SAU 04-A320/A150

RITz is home to one of the many dining locations on campus and also includes a small event stage which is perfect for putting on intimate concerts with local bands and performance groups. The space includes a built-in event lighting system capable of providing a smooth stage wash and basic color chases. Sound requirements and advanced lighting needs in this space are supplemented by our professional equipment which is brought in to meet the needs of your event.

Clark Gym | CLK 03-1250

Clark Gym is a multipurpose event venue used primarily for sporting, expositions, and concert style events. The room features retractable bleachers on the East and West sides, with a small elevated stage on the North wall. The room features an installed sound system for public address and background music, which can be supplemented by our professional sound and lighting systems for larger events. Event power is available in this space for events requiring power distribution.

Gordon Field House | GFH 24-A600

The Gordon Field House is a 60,000 square foot venue used for large events on campus. This includes Orientation, Commencement, and Imagine RIT. The Gordon Field House space lends itself to a wide range of event styles including concerts, ceremonies, presentations, expositions, and competition style events. The field house features an installed sound system for public address and background music. For larger events within the venue, Tech Crew can provide professional sound and lighting systems. Rigging options are also available within the space. The venue also features over 1200A of available power to meet the power distribution needs of your event.

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Gene Polisseni Arena | GPC 22-1000

The Gene Polisseni Arena is the primary ice arena on campus, home to the RIT Tigers Hockey Team and RIT SportZone, a multi-media production ensemble that supports RIT Athletics. When the ice is melted, the Polisseni Arena turns into a venue space capable of supporting ceremonies, concerts, and expo style events. Our wide range of equipment is capable of providing sound, lighting, and power support within the venue for these events.

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MAGIC Spell Studios | MSS 71-2020/2060/2180

MAGIC Spell Studios was created with the primary purpose of serving students in exploration of film production and media development, however the Sound Stage and Wegmans Theatre can also serve as event venues for events like expos, ceremonies, lectures, and presentations. The Sound Stage consists of a 7,000 square foot open floor plan designed to be adjustable for your needs. The Wegmans Theatre is a 180 seat theatre featuring a cinema-quality audio/video system. Regardless of which space best fits your needs, we will be able to support your event with professional quality sound, lighting, and power distribution as necessary.

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CIMS | SLA 78-2210/2170/2150

The CIMS conference rooms provide a versatile space perfect for meetings and presentations. Tech Crew is available to provide sound, lighting, and electrical support for any events in this space.

Outdoor Venue Spaces

In addition to the collection of indoor venues on campus, RIT also has a large selection of outdoor programming areas which are perfect for hosting all kinds of events. We are able to support outdoor events requiring sound, lighting, power, and staging. In addition, we also offer the Mobile Stage unit, which is a fully self-contained stage system that can be placed in key outdoor programming areas. More information about our Mobile Stage (SL100) can be found on our services page.

Parking Lots and Open Lawns

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Plazas and Quads

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