RIT Tech Crew Event Surveys

Thank you for taking the time to fill out an event survey. These surveys help us understand your event needs with questions about general information that we need for all events. Please visit our Services page to learn more about the services that we are able to provide, or scroll to see the description of specific survey information below.

Below are the two survey formats. You should have received the correct survey link via email, but in the event that your event location changed or you think a different survey would be more suitable for your event, please explore our other option.

As always, please email tecccl@rit.edu or call (585) 475 - 2257 with any questions that are not answered by the sections below, and we are happy to help during our office hours.

Ingle Auditorium Survey

Please use this survey only for events taking place in Ingle Auditorium (SAU 004-1250)

General Campus Survey

Please use this survey for events taking place at any location on RIT's campus.

Additional Survey Information

Below are detailed descriptions on various processes and information that you may need to know to be able to complete the event surveys.

  • Space Reservations

    Tech Crew uses the RIT Events Management System to find client and event information. We only able to support events that are reserved through this system. To make a reservation, please go to reserve.rit.edu and follow the steps to make a reservation. To ensure Tech Crew is notified that you are requesting our services, please select us when asked what services you will need for your event.

    For events held in Ingle Auditorium, we generally ask for a reservation that starts two hours before you would like Tech Crew to be ready, and ends one hour after the completion of your event. This is subject to change depending on the complexity of your event, and our student coordinators will let you know if you need to extend your reservation.

    For events held elsewhere on campus, we generally ask for a reservation that starts three hours before you would like Tech Crew to be ready, and ends two hours after the completion of your event. This is subject to change depending on the complexity of your event, and our student coordinators will let you know if you need to extend your reservation.

  • Multi-day or Multi-venue Events

    For events that span multiple days or take place in more than one venue, the completion of multiple surveys may be necessary.

    If the technical needs for your event change across different days or venues, we ask that you complete a different survey for each day so that we know we have all of the information that we need to prepare for the event. A lot of information may be redundant, but this will ultimately help ensure the accuracy of our work orders.

    If the technical needs for your event are the same across the different days or venues, only one survey response is necessary. Please indicate on the survey what field will be changing, whether that means entering multiple locations or multiple dates/times.

  • Ready-by Time

    We ask for a Tech Crew ready-by time in addition to an event start time in both survey formats.

    A ready-by time indicates when you would like Tech Crew to be show-ready. This may be the time when doors open, a sound check starts, or you would like to run through media. We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate any run throughs before this time, and we ask that no event participants be in the space before this time.

    In many cases, the ready-by time will be the same as the start time of your event, but you have the option to let us know if you would like us to be set up beforehand. It is important to note that time after the ready-by time does not count towards our required setup time.

  • Event Day Contact Information

    Our Tech Crew job chiefs are provided with a client phone number and email in the case that they have questions or concerns for our clients on the day of the event.

    Please provide the name of the individual who will be overseeing the event. Also provide a phone number and email of this individual so that they can be quickly reached in the event we have any questions or concerns during the event.

  • Billing Contact Information

    Job chiefs do not receive billing contact information. These individuals are not copied on any event planning correspondence, and will only be contacted when Project Assigns and Estimates are sent.

  • Projection

    Most projection is managed and provided through RIT Production Services. For questions or requests, please contact Jim Bober at jpbetc@rit.edu.

    Tech Crew manages projection on the screen in Ingle Auditorium. We are able to connect devices to the system using an HDMI cable, or use a flash drive with pre-loaded files. We need any files on flash drives in advance so that we can verify the functionality of your device. We are able to project from a source set on a podium onstage, in the booth, or backstage.

  • Audio Monitors

    Audio Monitors are used so that speakers and talent are able to hear themselves while onstage. These small speakers are directed towards individuals onstage so that they can hear the sound accurately.

    We need two pieces of information to provide a monitor setup. The first is the number of unique monitor feeds. This is how many unique signals we send to onstage monitors from our sound boards. If talent has unique monitor feeds, they are able to request specific changes to their mix (such as quieter music, louder guitar, etc.) without impacting the other monitors onstage.

    We also need to know how many monitor units are needed, and where they will be located in the space. It is helpful if you are able to include monitor locations on a diagram.

  • Specialty Lighting

    Tech Crew has a robust inventory of lighting equipment to support a variety of events. If you are unsure what you would like for your event, our student coordinators would be happy to work with you to asses options and build a lighting plan tailored to your event.

    In Ingle Auditorium, there is a variety of lights built into the space that are available to use free of charge. Colored LED lights onstage are capable of producing a variety of colors and effects upon request.

    Across campus, Tech Crew offers LED lighting trees, which are four lights suspended on a variable height stand. These lights are capable of producing a variety of colors and effects. We also offer these same LED lights as single units, which can be placed on the floor of a venue or rigged to truss.

    Tech Crew also offers UV blacklights, strobe lights, and fog machines upon request.

  • Stage Risers

    Tech Crew inventory includes 16" and 24" high stage risers that can be arranged to build various sizes of stages. All stages built by Tech Crew are tested for safety by trained student employees throughout the setup process. Stages are also draped with black linen skirts to look professional and aesthetically pleasing. If our available stage is not sufficient for your event needs, Tech Crew can also partner with outside vendors to provide stage risers from 16" to 72" in height.

  • Dance Floor

    Tech Crew is able to provide 3'x3' oak parquet interlocking dance floor sections in the Student Alumni Union or Clark Gym. These sections can provide up to 900 square feet of dance area.