Chaplains are trained to listen, care, and have deep conversations about difficult topics in places where people are often stressed or distressed. Some of these may include the meaning of life, our purpose in the world, personal values and relationships, ethical dilemmas, and many other common human problems, regardless of whether you think of these things spiritually religiously, or secularly.

Kim Winden

Interim Assistant Director

Nora Bradbury-Haehl

Newman Catholic Chaplain
1412 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Craig Swanson

Pastor Lutheran/Episcopal Campus Ministry
1408 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Laurence Wainwright-Maks

Episcopal Ministry Chaplain
1408 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Dr. Rauf Bawany

Muslim Chaplain
2406 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Sanjay Mathur

Hindu Chaplain
1400 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Rauncie Reynolds

Pagan Chaplain
2406 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Rev. Dr. Shudo Schroeder

Zen Buddhist

Program Staff

Program staff have experience working with young adults, particularly in relation to programming, mentoring, and leadership in spiritual and religious community. They support programs and student leaders within their own religious communities, but do not provide inter-religious spiritual counseling.

Zachary Hanje

Cru Director
1404 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Dakota Tiger

Cru Program Staff - ASL Fluent
1404 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Heidi Tiger

Cru Program Staff- ASL Fluent
1404 Schmidt Interfaith Center

James Miller

Newman Catholic Bookkeeper
2404 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Rabbi Yossef Cohen

Rabbi and Chabad Co-Director
1412 Schmidt Interfaith Center

Catherine Mast

Cru Program Staff
1404 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Kristen Leschhorn

Newman Catholic Program Staff
1412 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Daron Ladson

Cru Program Staff - ASL fluent
1404 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Mercy Gbenjo

Cru Program Staff
1404 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Dr. Michael Vernarelli

Newman Catholic Campus Minister
1412 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Yolanda Sayres

Glory House International Program Staff
2412 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Kenneth Sayres

Glory House International Program Staff
2412 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Leah Cohen

Chabad Co-Director
2410 Schmitt Interfaith Center

Jileen Herman

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Program Staff
2412 Schmitt Interfaith Center