RIT Anime Club

We are the no brand heroes.


About Us

We are an organization that seeks to create an open and inviting environment for anime fans to meet with those that share their interests. In addition, we seek to spread knowledge of anime and awareness of Japanese culture to the student body of RIT. We hold many weekly events throughout the year, as well as a host of special events; the largest of which is Tora-Con. Our primary meetings are held on Thursdays at 8 P.M., but we have Monday and Friday events as well. For more information, please visit our​ website at https://ritanime.rit.edu.

Regular Events

Monday Showings

Monday Showings (at 8 P.M.) are a chance for people to get together and watch a few completed series throughout each semester. Four episodes of a 12 or 13 episode series are shown every week until the show are completed. Please see the schedule for showings and locations. All Monday showings will be held in the Gosnell science building (building 8) room 1250 unless stated otherwise.

Thursday showings

Thursday Showings (at 8 P.M.) are big meetings where announcements are made concerning club-related things, member drawings are held, and anime music videos are presented along with the main showing. Either the first four episodes of a series or a full-length feature will be shown. Thursday meetings are also when the library is open for renting items. All of our meetings and showings are free to attend, but if you want access to the library, a small membership fee is required to help maintain and add to the growing collection. Almost all showings will be in Japanese, and English subtitles or closed captions will be presented. All Thursday showings will be held in the Gosnell science building (building 8) room 1250 unless stated otherwise.

Friday Events

Friday Events (at 8 P.M.) give everyone a chance to experience something a little different. As much as everyone enjoys the weekly Thursday meetings, not all titles are appropriate for those meetings. At Friday Showings, we show various things like live-action shows and movies, and some other obscure or off-beat anime. We will also occasionally social events or discussion panels that you may find interesting. The Friday event is usually announced at our weekly Thursday meeting unless stated otherwise in the weekly newsletter. All Friday events will be held in the Liberal Arts building (building 6) room A205 unless stated otherwise.

Members Benefits

A membership card gives a club attendee active status. Active members are able to vote and run in E-board elections, rent items from our library, have access to member-exclusive discounts at various local businesses, and get early access to Tora-Con registration. They also get a cool customized RIT Anime Club ID Card! While showings and events are open to unpaid members, only active members get the real privileges offered by the RIT Anime Club. The Club has been active for years to provide active members rewards for aiding the club. Membership funds are not-for-profit and are returned to members in the form of prizes, events, giveaways, and additional items in the library. Membership applications are available at our Thursday meetings before the showing, at the price of $6 for one semester, and $10 for a full year.

Our Team

Nic Lee
Michael Richmond
Natal Paredes
Ethan Lin
Aidan Wynne
KeCheng Yu
Sebastian Portalatin Prieto
Facilities Coordinator
Vanna Reid
Business Coordinator