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Adventist Christian Fellowship

To learn more go to https://campusgroups.rit.edu/acf/about/

Agape Christian Fellowship

AGAPE Christian Fellowship is an evangelical Christian campus ministry that was established 18 years ago. We minister to students through teaching, training, and guiding them in the ways of our Lord Jesus during their years of undergraduate and graduate studies.

AGAPE Christian Fellowship gets their name from the Greek word αγάπη “agape” which means unconditional love. It is a college campus ministry serving the University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Here at AGAPE Christian Fellowship, which the students refer to as ACF, we seek to learn more about the Lord and follow after Him.

We meet every Friday at the University of Rochester Campus or Rochester Institute of Technology. We seek to disciple students through small groups, large group meetings, accountability, serving the community, good Scriptural teachings, and fellowship. We also provide different outreach and serving opportunities  as a part of the discipleship process for our students.

To learn more go to https://sites.google.com/site/rochesteragape/about-us 

Brothers and Sisters In Christ

BASIC stands for “Brothers and Sisters in Christ.” We are a network of college students and churches in the Northeast that meet to enjoy life together, learn about God, and make a difference in the world. Students on over 30 campuses gather every week to worship God and inspire each other to live out their faith in Christ at school. Every semester, all of the students from dozens of universities gather together in Rochester, NY for 3 days of passionate worship, powerful teaching, and life-changing ministry. Since BASIC was founded in 1978, over 18,000 students from over 60 campuses and dozens of nations have been affected through these conferences. BASIC was founded at SUNY Oswego by Mike Cavanaugh, who heard clearly from the Lord:

To learn more go to http://thebasicsite.org/about/\

BASIC meets every Wednesday at 7 pm to 9 pm!

Contact Information: 
Daniela Reeves 


Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.
Whether it be our weekly meeting, our small group communities that meet in dorms, or our social events, we're all about creating safe spaces for students from all walks of life to come and explore the claims of Jesus and make new friends! Come join us!

Weekly Meeting

Weekly Meeting is a time for us to gather as a community. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.
We meet on Fridays at 7:00 PM in Allen Chapel in the Interfaith Center 
​What happens at a typical weekly meeting?
  • Meet friendly people who care about you
  • Play fun and hilarious games that change from week to week
  • Enjoy worship music by our own student band
  • Listen to brief message about God and our day to day college life
  • Hear updates about upcoming Cru events
Contact Information 
Zach Hanje
Rochester Area Cru Director
Email: zach.hanje@rit.edu
Cell: 317-496-6424

Kiley Hanje
Rochester Area Cru Staff
Email: kiley.hanje@rit.edu

Avonna Formalejo
Rochester Area Cru Staff
Email: avonna.formalejo@rit.edu
Phone: 585-475-4371

To learn more go to https://facebook.com/RITcru

Hands of Fire

Hands of Fire is for individuals who want to learn more about God's
Word, through American Sign Language, and meet more brothers
and sisters in Christ.

Contact Information: 
Dakota Tiger
RIT/NTID Cru Staff
Email: dakota.tiger@rit.edu

Heidi Tiger
RIT/NTID Cru Staff
Email: heidi.tiger@rit.edu



Our chapters exist to serve the campus.

We welcome students into caring, diverse communities where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas.

At many campuses we have more than one chapter, which may include separate outreaches to international students, nursing students, sororities and fraternities, athletes, artists, and ethnic minority groups, as well as faculty and career-specific graduate student chapters.

Meetings Fridays @ 7:00 pm, Location to be determined.

To learn more go to http://ivcf.rit.edu/

Lutheran Episcopal Campus
Ministry "The Table"

The TABLE Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry at RIT & NTID is a group of students from many religious backgrounds. We gather every Sunday evening around two tables - the Altar Table around which we receive Holy Communion, and, the Dinner Table, around which we support one another in Christian love. 
We also have discussion groups, service projects and fun events. This year, we're hoping to have a retreat - off campus - at which we will dig deeper into our own lives of faith (and have a little fun, too!). 

Please join us at "the Table" – you are always welcome.

Sunday Services 6:30pm Allen Chapel, Interfaith Center [Bldg. #16]

A cost-free, home cooked community meal is provided immediately after services in the chapel's lower level Skalny Room.

An ASL interpreter is provided for our worship services.

Contact Information: 
Pastor Craig Swanson
Lutheran Campus Ministry Chaplain
Phone: (585) 475-6272
Email: craig.swanson

Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks
Episcopal Campus Chaplain 
(ASL Fluent)  
Cell: (225) 678-0127
Email: laurence.w-m@rit.edu

Starting Your Own Christian Club

If your needs are not being served by one of the Christian organizations listed above, we encourage you to contact them and let them know. Students are encouraged to get involved in the leadership of clubs and shape them into what they want and need. 

Students are also welcome to start new clubs. However, RIT generally tries to avoid duplication of clubs. You will need to demonstrate how your club has a distinct mission and different activities from existing student clubs. To explore this option, please contact the Assistant Director for Spirituality & Religious Life, Rev. Monica Sanford, at monica.sanford@rit.edu.  

Accomodations for Religious Services & Observances

RIT's attendance policy (D04.0) states "Absences, for whatever reason, do not relieve students of their responsibility for fulfilling normal requirements in any course. In particular, it is the student's responsibility to make individual arrangements in advance of missing class due to personal obligations such as religious holidays, job interviews, athletic contests, etc., in order that he or she may meet his or her obligations without penalty for missing class."

What does this mean? Well, every program, class, faculty member, and supervisor is different, but here are some good rules of thumb if your class, lab, group meeting, or work schedule conflict with church services or Christian holidays:

  1. Contact your faculty member or supervisor as early as possible to let them know of the conflict. Include specific days and times when you would not be available. 
  2. Describe the work you know you will be responsible for completing in advance, such as lecture material, chapters read, quizes or exams taken, assignments turned in, or hours made up.
  3. Request an accomodation you think is fair, such as:
    • Taking a test or quiz early
    • Rescheduling a group meeting time
    • Switching to a different lab section (permanently or temporarily) 
    • Getting the power-point slides ahead of time
    • Arranging for a classmate to take and share their lecture notes
    • Turning in an assignment early (possibly opening an online drop box earlier to avoid Shabbat)
    • Rescheduling your in-class presentation 
  4. Be open to questions and alternative suggestions or requirements. Remember that your faculty, supervisor, or group may not know a lot about Christian observances and they are also busy and may not have a wide option of alternative times to meet. It may not always be possible to make up for missed material, but it is your responsibility to initiate this conversation with your faculty or supervisor and make the effort.
If your attempts to negotiate accomodations fail or if you just want to discuss the best way to approach the issue before bringing it up with your faculty, contact Lutheran-Episcopal: Pastor Craig Swanson (craig.swanson@rit.edu), Cru: Zachary Hanje (zach.hanje@rit.edu) or Rev. Monica Sanford (monica.sanford@rit.edu) in the Schmitt Interfaith Center.