2020 Orientation Staff

Professional Staff

Dave Bagley

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs


Matthew McKay

Senior Associate Director for Events/Major Programs


Dr. Chelsea Petree

Director of Parent and Family Programs, Student Affairs


Eric Pope

Assistant Director for Campus Life, New Student Orientation


Jacqui Stack

Assistant Director for Campus Life, New Student Orientation and Marketing


Grace Koester

Graduate Assistant for Marketing and New Student Orientation


Student Orientation Coordinators

Chiara Young

Development Coordinator


Kasey Matthews

Development Coordinator


Ayush Goel

Development Coordinator


Anne Elliott

Communications Coordinator


Sebastian Echeverria

Program Coordinator


Olive Behan

Program Coordinator


Orientation Program Assistants

Aharon Sebton

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hobbies: Playing guitar and learning to cook.

Danielle Callard

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee and baking

Violet Young

Jane Brennan

Major: New Media Design

Hobbies: Running and Knitting.

Rylee Demonteverde

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: I enjoy exercising outdoors and watching movies!

Kennedy Garger

Major: Psychology

Hobbies: Hiking and listening to music

Grant Franko

Major: Finance

Hobbies: I like to run and rock climb.

Jackson Robbins

Major: Game Design and Development

Hobbies: Bowling on college nights and playing video games. I also like to hang out with my cute golden retriever pup, can't forget about him.

Alexa Watts

Major: Physician Assistant

Hobbies: Blasting music and eating ice cream.

Orientation Supervisors

Ava Gervan

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Hobbies: I love to read books and I really love to write too, I have even started to write a novel.

Dominik Vasavong
Harry McCardell
Andi Kraft

Major: Visual Media

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and spending time with my loved ones during my free time.

Yan Diaz

Ali Johnston

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Hobbies: Running and Thrift Shopping!

Ian Stroszeck
Art Pugachev

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Playing guitar and swing dancing!

Chris Zogg

Major: Criminal Justice

Hobbies: I enjoy bike riding and watching overly dramatic reality tv shows.

Nicholas Gundel

Major: New Media Design

Hobbies: Skateboarding and going on Tik Tok.

Maryalice Ball

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hobbies: I love to watch sports, especially my hometown teams; Go Bills!! I also enjoy dancing and I am lucky enough to be part of a dance company on campus.

Adrianna Visca

Major: Computing Security

Hobbies: Playing with my dog and yoga.

Aaron Cote

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors and swing dancing.

Ben Bellatoni
Dylan Jackson

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Swing Dancing and longboarding.

Ben Clements

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: Surfing and rowing.

Lexie Ryan

Major: ASL-English Interpretation

Hobbies: Reading and hanging out with friends.

Derek Piotrowski

Major: Management Information Systems

Hobbies: Video Games and hang out with my dog.