Welcome to International House!

International House is one of seven Special Interest Houses at RIT. International House focuses on the exchange of our cultural identities and practices, while also learning to respect one another’s perspectives. We embrace our differences and we open the doors for discussion on topics of culture, attitude, and differing opinions. Whether you are a foreign student studying abroad or a native citizen, born and raised within the United States, you won’t find a more diverse and accepting floor anywhere else on campus.


Becoming An International House Member

By becoming an International House Member, there are certain benefits that you gain. First you are able to embrace different cultures and people from all around the world! You will learn so much from your peers about their culture through cultural presentations, recipe sharing, and so much more! You will also be able to communicate effectively with different people and learn to respect all the different cultures you learn about. This will not only help you at RIT, but also long after you leave!

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Our Constitution

Our constitution communicates the rights, responsibilities, and values that International House community aims to uphold. Check out our constitution!

Cultural Presentation

A huge part of being an International House Member is to share you culture with others. Check out past cultural presentations!


Events help bring our community together and make life long friendships! Checkout our past and future events to see what International House is up to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to be An International Student To Join International House?

No! Everyone is welcome to join International House, we are an inclusive community open to anyone who wants to join!

Can I Join International House Even If I Didn't Apply During The Housing Process?

Of Course! You can join International House at any time! Any further questions you can email us at rit.i.house@gmail.com

Is International House free to join?

For full access to events and kitchen, international house members are charged a fee. Check out our constitution for more information!

How Do I Stay Involved As An Off-floor Member?

You can stay involved my connected with us on Instagram, Slack, Meetings, and Emails!

What Are Some Of International House's Events?

International House has a focus on appreciating each other's cultures and sharing our culture with others. To do that we have cultural presentation nights, collaboration with clubs on campus, floor dinners, and so much more! Events Page

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International House

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