Engineers for a Sustainable World

Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM
in Gleason room 1139

General Meetings are open to all RIT students!

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Welcome to ESW-RIT!

ESW-RIT's vision is a world of environmental, social, and economic prosperity created and sustained by local and global collective action.

ESW is a non-profit network of students, university faculty, and professionals with the common goal of achieving a more sustainable world for current and future generations. ESW-RIT is an academic club that focuses on sustainability projects on RIT's campus.

Students from all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to join our work towards socially and environmentally-conscious development.

Members Benefits

Membership grants you full access to all ESW-RIT events (including field trips). Member résumés are regularly sent to trusted companies as part of our Corporate Sponsorship program. Membership makes you eligible to be a project leader. Membership makes you eligible to vote in club elections and to be elected to the executive board of ESW-RIT.

And of course, membership helps our club continue to thrive!

Club Resources

Everything you need to organize a project: workspaces, scheduling, financial certification, club funding, and Imagine RIT proposals.

Our Events

Throughout the school year we host several networking, educational, for-fun, and community-inspired events in addition to our weekly general meeting.

ESW Global

ESW HQ is the central network between all ESW chapters. Check out their website for more information!

Our Team

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Will Hagele

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Sophia Gregory

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