Start your RIT GPA off right with DDI SE!

Earn 3 credits in one of four free courses - virtually taught in real time with an RIT professor and not available anywhere else!


Who We Are

The Division of Diversity & Inclusion Summer Experience (DDI SE) offers incoming RIT students, an opportunity to participate in a unique virtual learning experience with a cohort of other incoming freshmen from July 12th – August 4th (4 weeks) for free!

What Drives Us

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to soar no matter their background. Through, building trust and community with students we are able to provide services that enhance their academic, personal and professional success at RIT.

A life-changing summer: Jessika & Patrick

How DDI SE has impacted my college experience.

DDI SE Benefits

As a participant, you will gain access to a virtual learning experience and community that isn't offered anywhere else. The DDI Summer Experience includes:

Class Credit

Earn 3 credits in one of four courses that aren't available anywhere else for free! Courses including Algebra, Pre Calculus, Writing Seminar or Foundations of Sociology.

Direct Professor Access

Gain experience interacting with professors, understanding course materials, and exploring interesting topics in real-time.

1:1 College Coaching

Meet with your personal coach to reflect on your college experiences and set goals to achieve success.

Community Led Zoom Activities

Virtually engage in social experiences that teach you more about RIT, yourself, and others.

Study Skills

Build a foundation of study skills that will serve you throughout your academic path at RIT.

Build New Connections

Form relationships with new, diverse incoming RIT freshmen like you and meet supportive RIT staff & faculty.

Start your RIT journey with us!

We look forward to welcoming you to RIT & our DDI family!



See You This Summer!

Our Team

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