Primary Recruitment

Primary recruitment is the recruitment process for the Fall sesmter. This formal process will allow you to meet all five of our Panhellenic sororities.


We encourage you to sign up for our primary recruitment process here:

After you sign up, make sure to go to our CampusGroups store and pay the registration fee here:

All our events and recruitment dates are listed below!

Save the Date!

August 25th - Tiger Activities Fair

September 8th @ 9 pm - Bamboo Room - Recruitment Q&A

September 9th @ 6 pm - 1829 Room - Recruitment Q&A

September 10th @ 7 - 8:30 pm - Sundial by Gracie's - Ice Cream Social

September 12th @ 8 pm - Davis Room (Brick City) - Meet and Greet

September 13th - 15th - Primary Recruitment

September 16th - Bid Day

Septebmer 17th-20th - Bid Acceptance

September 22nd - First Day of New Member Education

Continous Open Bidding

Continous Open Bidding is the informal  recruitment process in the Spring. In the Spring semster, the sororities will host three recruitment events. You can choose which events you attend. Keep in mind, not all sororoites recruit in the Spring.

Information about Continous Open Bidding will be available at the end of the Fall semster.