Cosplay Chess

Our annual Cosplay Chibi Chess show at Snow Festival is back! Watch as a myriad of your favorite anime, video game, cartoon, and movie characters fight, argue, and make friends to the death - wait, what?!

Cosplay Contest

The cosplay contest makes its return, with performance, craftsmanship, and walk-on sections. Be it a cool prop, an awesome outfit, or an amazing act, we want you to show it off to everyone else!

Dance / Rave

Party with our DJ, smile under the lasers, and dance your hearts out as we crank the heat up!

We are not responsible for any belongings. No drugs or alcohol of any sort are allowed.

Asian Dance Showcase

Sit back and enjoy a thrilling performance from fellow attendees, with genres like K-Pop, J-Pop, Vocaloid, idol, anime, traditional, and more.


Rochester Institute of Technology's newest acapella group presents songs from Japan, from anime to popular dramas.

Maid Cafe

The Asian Cultural Society presents its classic Maid Cafe! Have a snack or some tea as you're treated to performances by ACS members.