Cosplay Chess

Throughout the academic year, Cosplay Troupe hosts two chess shows:
Chibi Chess and Tora-Con Chess. 
The show itself is not an actual game of chess, but a scripted stage production. It is written by the actors themselves and consists of death battle-style fights and board banter, with an emphasis on comedy! 
Below is more information about each show...

Tora-Con Chess:

  • Tora-Con Chess is the major production we run yearly for the annual convention, Tora-Con!
  • Our cast size is around 32 people.
  • PG-13 in terms of content.
  • It is performed on both days of Tora-Con.
  • We have been doing Tora-Con chess for more than 13 years!
Tora-Con Chess 2020: King of Hearts - Intro Video

Tora-Con unfortunately could not take place this year, and we sadly couldn't perform our show in the interest of our cast and crew's health. However, we did manage to film our intro video! Here's a taste of our 2020 Cosplay Chess show!

Chibi Chess:

  • Chibi Chess is a smaller version of Tora-Con Chess.
  • The size of the case is about 24 people.
  • PG-16 in terms of jokes and content.
  • The show is one-timer performance for Cosplay Snow Fest!
Chibi Chess 2020: Law & Explorer - Intro Video

The intro video for our 2020 Chibi Chess show at Cosplay Snow Festival, hosted by the RIT Cosplay Troupe!