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Need Help with Event Marketing or Making a Design?

The Campus Life Marketing team is here to help you make your event a success, by providing services in logo design, graphic design, and assisting in advertising your event.

Our Marketing Services are Free!

Ways you can promote on your own!

In order to reduce the number of mass email communications, we are suspending the use of Message Center for the purpose of event promotion. The RIT Events Calendar and RIT CampusGroups will serve as the central repository for all RIT event information.

RIT Events Calendar

Save time with over 240 carefully styled components designed to showcase your content

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Social Media

Jump start your project with Stacks diverse array of beautiful pre-built templates

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Digital Displays in the Campus Center and Student Alumni Union

With fully documented elements pages that help you customize Stack to your needs

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Make an event on your CampusGroups page

With fully documented elements pages that help you customize Stack to your needs

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Location based signage

With fully documented elements pages that help you customize Stack to your needs

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Our Team

We are located in the Marketing and Communication Suite in the Campus Center (CPC 2010).

Jacqui Stack

Assistant Director, Marketing & New Student Orientation

Grace Koester

Graduate Assistant, Marketing & New Student Orientation

Allison Kunz

Student Director of Marketing

Mary Tannian

Digital Content Manager

Jane Byun

Staff Designer

Lamisa _

Spirituality and Religious Life Staff Designer


Women and Gender Staff Designer

Violet Spillers


Leah Kramer

Staff Designer

Gigi Chen

Staff Designer

Our Work

Work with us to promote your next event on campus.

Logo Design

If you are interested in exploring how your organization might integrate some of the new RIT brand elements into your current logo, we have resources available to assist you. The Center for Campus Life, in partnership with the Student Affairs Marketing & Communications team, is available to work with you to explore options for integrating new RIT elements such as the RIT name, colors, fonts, etc. into your current logo design.

It is a win-win for everyone. Connecting your organization to RIT helps you to leverage the university’s brand equity, advancing your organization's brand and reputation. In addition, RIT benefits when your organization does something amazing at a local, regional, national, or international level.

Poster or Flyer Design

We have an amazing team of staff artists to help you put together the perfect poster or flyer for your event. If you have an idea, meet with one of our staff artist in the Marketing and Communications suite, located on the third floor of the Campus Center.

Display Screens

The Campus Center LCD screen is located in the Campus Center Lobby, and the Student Alumni Union (SAU) LCD screen is located in the SAU Lobby above Ben & Jerry's. This is a great resource to advertise your events. Please email Jacqui Stack at if you would like to advertise your event on our display screens.

Other Marketing Needs

Please complete the request services form at the top, and we will be in touch with you! Our designers are here to work with you, creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind event promotions, banners, flyers, posters, postcards, business cards, logos, t-shirt designs, and more! Each club is allowed 200 free copies through the Tiger Suite during the academic year. In order to take advantage of these free copies, you must complete an electronic Expense Approval Form (EAF).