Everything is Connected: An Evening of Stories with Peterson Toscano

by Student Government

Performance/Show/Tryouts Sustainability

Thu, Mar 28, 2019

6 PM – 8 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Ingle Auditorium, SAU

Rochester, NY 14623, United States

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Everything is Connected—An Evening of Stories, Most Weird, Many True

Experience the artful, playful, outrageously funny, and deeply moving storytelling craft of Peterson Toscano. Connecting contemporary issues to his own bizarre personal experiences, literature, science, and even the odd Bible story, Peterson takes his audience on an off-beat mental mind trip. A shapeshifter, he transforms right before your eyes into a whole cast of comic characters who explore the serious worlds of gender, sexuality, privilege, religion, and environmental justice.

About Peterson Toscano:

Peterson Toscano's unique personal journey led him into performance art. After spending 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents attempting to de-gay himself through gay conversion therapy, he came to his senses and came out a quirky queer Quaker concerned with human rights and comedy. He asks himself and his audiences unusual and stimulating questions: Who are the gender outlaws in the Bible? What is a queer response to climate change? and How can comedy help us better understand our most tragic losses? Peterson is on a mission to connect with his audiences in deeply personal ways stirring up hope and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

He has been featured in the New York Times, People Magazine, The Times of London, the Trya Banks Show, Radiolab, and NPR Morning Edition. Peterson is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and The Porch magazine. His Bible scholarship has been featured in The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America. His essay, Transgender Gender During Passover, appears in the Lambda Award winning Anthology, Gender Outlaws—The Next Generation. Peterson is the host of Citizens Climate Radio and the curator of ClimateStew.com. His film, Transfigurations—Transgressing Gender in the Bible is currently moving through film festival process. He lives in Central Pennsylvania with his husband, Glen Retief.


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Ingle Auditorium, SAU

Rochester, NY 14623, United States

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