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Campus Life Advisor Recognition Form 2019-2020 DRAFT

Advisor Acceptance Letter

Letter of Position: CCL Organization Advisor

Congratulations on agreeing to serve as an advisor for a Center for Campus Life recognized Club/Student Organization for the 2019-2020 academic year. You are undertaking a valuable responsibility in promoting the role student organizations can play in developing student skills and confidence. Serving as an advisor to a student organization provides opportunities to:

~motivate and challenge students;
~better know and understand students outside the classroom;
~see students successfully apply skills learned in the classroom;
~meet and work with leaders from the community and our campus in planning student programs;
~meet professionally and socially with other instructors involved in similar activities; and
~work with students from diverse backgrounds.

A recognized student organization is any student club, club sport, acapella group, or fraternity and sorority which has been officially recognized by the Center for Campus Life. Student organizations may exist on campus without official recognition but will not be eligible for Center for Campus Life recognition benefits or considered a subsidy of RIT. Recognized student organizations must be open and available to any RIT student. RIT does not discriminate. RIT promotes and values diversity within co-curricular engagement and provides equal opportunity to all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, creed, age, marital status, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

The organization you are advising is considered an affiliated of the Center for Campus Life and you will be expected to advise your organization's programs and/or activities accordingly. The organization constitution and bylaws, Club Handbook, FSL Guidelines (as appropriate), the Student Code of Conduct, and the RIT Policies and Procedures are a few of the resources which define appropriate organization conduct.

Your Role: the role of a student organization advisor is a complex one. Advisors work with students who possess unique personalities from a variety of cultural backgrounds and help those students come together to form a cohesive group. An advisor can be a counselor, teacher, coordinator, supervisor, elevator, resource person, and public relations agent. An enthusiastic, organized, and well-informed advisor is essential to a successful student organization. The tasks involved in advising a student organization are diverse. To effectively advise an organization, you may want to:

• make a commitment to the organization for a certain period of time each week;
• familiarize yourself with the goals, procedures, and school policies pertaining to student organizations;
• encourage and stimulate the involvement of all students;
• assist students in developing an understanding of group process and leadership skills;
• assist students in setting goals and developing plans for achieving those goals;
• encourage teamwork and cooperation among members;
• ensure that members contributions and accomplishments are recognized.

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