UPDATES Year One Programs is continuing to accept applications for and hire RIT 365 Facilitators. Once applicants submit the application form, they will receive information about scheduling an interview to be conducted over the phone or virtually.

What is RIT 365?

RIT 365: an opportunity unlike any other. A chance for first-year students to immerse themselves in the campus culture at RIT.

At RIT, we have built a first-year course that helps students launch their career at RIT. Through this immersive experience, they’ll develop self-awareness and make meaningful connections that will provide a foundation for success during their time at RIT and beyond. Our course is unlike any other first-year course in the country. Through experiential learning opportunities, they will plan for and reflect on personal first-year experiences, receive feedback, and develop a personal plan to help own their RIT experience.

To fully understant RIT 365, we suggest that you visit the Year One Programs website.  You will find detailed information about each of the elements of the program.