RIT 365 Time Commitment

The table below gives details for how you can expect to spend your time as a Facilitator. The total commitment for the semester is about 76 hours. While the semester is in session, you can expect to commit 4-5 hours per week.

You can see the RIT 365 Facilitator Job Description (including qualifications and pay) here. Once you are ready to apply, you can find the application here.

Task Location Hours per semester Hours per week/Notes
Training Virtual/In person TBD 2 days
(16 hours)
A combination of synchronous, with multiple offering times, and asynchronous training offered throughout the summer.
Synchronous training the weekend before classes start (August 21st & August 22nd)
RIT 365 Liftoff! TBD 3 hrs One time commitment between the dates of August 17th-August 22nd
Bi-Weekly Facilitator Meetings TBD 8 hrs 1 hr/every other week,
Offerings: Th @ 9am, 12pm,  Fr @ 9am, and 12pm.
(One-on-one 30min meetings with 24 students per section)
TBD 12.5 hrs per section 1 hr per section
Collaborating and class planning with Co-Facilitator, including shared administrative tasks Virtual or in person 14 hrs per section 1 hr per section
Class Facilitation (1/week 50 minutes per section) TBD 14 hrs per section 1 hr per section
Super Speaker Event TBD 1 hr per section One time event
Administrative tasks (grading, sending early alerts, following up with students, and other administrative communications) Virtual or on-campus* 7.5 hrs 1/2 hr per section
Total 76 hrs 3.5-4.5 hrs per week while class is in session