UPDATES Year One Programs is continuing to accept applications for and hire RIT 365 Facilitators. Once applicants submit the application form, they will receive information about scheduling an interview to be conducted over the phone or virtually.

Interested in Returning as an RIT 365 Facilitator?

We welcome your continued interest in returning as a RIT 365 Facilitator.

Here are a few things to note regarding the returning Facilitator experience:

  • Submit your application, including uploading a cover letter & resume.
  • After your application is approved, you will receive instructions on how to sign up for an interview.
  • As a part of the interview, please be prepared to reflect on your experience and wholistic performance during Fall 2019 and discuss areas and strategies for improvement and growth.  You might consider referencing your student evaluations (smartevals.com), mid and final semester reflection forms, and weekly planning forms.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling-basis, so we ask that you please don't hesitate to apply.
  • The job requirements remain the same for returning and new Facilitators.  There may be some ways that the training we require new Facilitators to complete before the fall will look different for returning Facilitators.  You should expect that the time commitment, specifically the weekend before classes and during the semester, will be the same.

After reviewing the additional information on this website, please let us know if you have any remaining questions.