Frequently Asked Questions

When does this facilitator position start?

Virtual training sessions begin mid-July and are offered multiple times into mid-August. The first required in-person commitment is Liftoff Day on Friday, August 25th followed by Fall training on August 27th. The position ends when the semester is complete and final grades are due. Both Liftoff and Fall training are required elements of this position.

Is this a paid position?

Yes, this is a paid position. For Peer Facilitators, this stipend is $1110, distributed on bi-weekly pay dates during the Fall semester.  For Staff/Faculty adjuncts the contracted pay is $1872 for one section or $3192 for two sections. This is not an hourly position. You are paid with a stipend. This is distributed in your normal paycheck if you are currently an RIT exempt employee.  If you are not otherwise employed by RIT, your pay is distributed on the bi-weekly pay dates during Fall semester.

Can I hold other student leader positions in addition to being an RIT 365 Facilitator?

Yes! To be specific, there is no conflict with being a Resident Assistant and/or Orientation Leader and a Facilitator for RIT 365. In general, it is recommended that students don't exceed an estimated 20 hours per week of extra-curricular obligations. You are welcome to ask more about balancing the Facilitator role with other positions at your interview.

Can non-exempt RIT employees be RIT 365 Facilitators?

Because of labor and wage laws surrounding the hourly nature of non-exempt work, we are unable to hire non-exempt employees at this time. We recognize that this is a tremendous barrier and excludes many qualified people from pursuing this opportunity. This is a restriction that exists at both the University and State levels and is beyond the control of our department.

What is the difference between a Facilitator and a teacher/instructor?

As a teacher/instructor you are likely to be considered an authority in the room and have an expertise in the subject matter of the course. The role of a teacher/instructor is to deliver content information in a format that helps students learn and retain it. As a facilitator, you are not an expert and actively work to discourage the authority that students may give you because of your position.  Your role is to create a space where every student's experience and perspective is valued equally. As a facilitator, you are a co-learner with the students.

Is there a deadline to apply?  What is the hiring timeline?

We are hiring on a rolling basis.  Applications are welcome beginning February and will be accepted through early July. If your application is approved, you will receive detailed information regarding scheduling an interview.

Will the delivery of RIT 365 be changed as a result of COVID?

RIT 365 will be delivered according to university guidelines. Classes for Fall 2023 will be delivered in person.

What can I expect for the Interview? How can I prepare for the interview?

Come prepared to explore, self-reflect, and articulate experience(s) relevant to the listed job responsibilities. In addition, please give thought to relevant experience with co-facilitation and/or teamwork, dialogue practice, and experiential learning.