UPDATES Year One Programs is continuing to accept applications for and hire RIT 365 Facilitators. Once applicants submit the application form, they will receive information about scheduling an interview to be conducted over the phone or virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall time committment for this position?

Visit the Time Commitment page of this site to understand the details of the time commitment.  The total commitment for the semester is about 76 hours.  While the semester is in session, you can expect to commit 4-5 hours per week.

When does this facilitator position start?

Outside of the initial training requirement, the position will begin on the Saturday before Orientation, August 22nd, 2020 and will conclude at the end of  Fall Semester finals week.

Is this a paid position?

Yes, this is a paid position.   Year One Programs uses the NYS minimum hourly wage for Peer Facilitators and the university-wide adjunct hourly rate for Staff/Faculty to determine their stipend or contracted amount.  For Peer Facilitators, this stipend is $900, distributed in 4 payments throughout the semester.  For Staff/Faculty adjuncts the contracted pay is $1860 for one section or $3145 for two sections.  This is distributed in your normal paycheck if you are currently an RIT exempt employee.  If you are not otherwise employed by RIT  your pay is distributed on the bi-weekly paydates during Fall semester.

Is the application process for a returning Facilitator different than a new Facilitator?

No.  Both new and returning applicants are required to complete the application form, including uploading a cover letter and resume.  After materials are approved, you will be asked to sign up for an interview with a member of the Year One Programs team.

Can I hold other student leader positions in addition to being an RIT 365 Faciltator?

Yes.  To be specific, there is no conflict with being a Resident Assistant (with Residence Life) or Orientation student positions (with New Student Orientation) and a Facilitator for RIT 365.  In general, it is recommended that students don't exceed an estimated 20 hours per week of extra-curricular obligations.  You are welcome to ask more about balancing the Facilitator role with other positions at your interview.

Can non-exempt RIT employees be RIT 365 Facilitators?

Because of the hourly nature of non-exempt employees’ work, we are unable to hire non-exempt employees into the Facilitator position at this time. We recognize and are disappointed that this disqualifies many qualified people who would make great Facilitators.

Where is the Year One Programs Office located?

We are located on the 2nd floor of  the Student Alumni Union (SAU).  If you take the large staircase to the right of Artesano's, there is an information desk at the top that can direct you to our office space.

What is the difference between a Facilitator and a teacher/instructor?

As a teacher/instructor you are likely to be considered an authority in the room and have an expertise in the subject matter of the course.  The role of a teacher/instructor is to deliver content information in a format that helps students learn and retain it.   As a facilitator, you are not an expert and actively work to discourage the authority that students may give you because of your position.  Your role is to create a space where every student's experience and perspective is valued equally.  As a facilitator, you are a co-learner with the students.

Is there a deadline to apply?  What is the hiring timeline?

We are hiring on a rolling basis.  Applications are welcome beginning January, and will be accepted through mid-August.  After applying, you will receive detailed information regarding scheduling an interview.

Will the delivery of RIT 365 be changed as a result of COVID and social distancing guidelines?

The RIT 365 course will be delivered virtually for Fall 2020. Coaching sessions have the option of being in person (following university approved social distancing and personal protective equipment guidelines) based on the preferences and needs of the Facilitators and students.

What can I expect for the Interview? How can I prepare for the interview?

Applicants should come prepared to reflect, discuss, and articulate experience(s) and self reflection relevant to the listed job responsibilities. In addition, please give thought to relevant experience with co-facilitation/teamwork, dialogue and discussion, and an experiential learning.  (For additional course specifics, please view the Year One Programs website)

Considering the university's response regarding the Corona virus, how will interviews be conducted?

We are conducting interviews via telephone or virtually using Zoom. You will be prompted to choose from the two options when you register for an interview time.  We encourage you to select the option that best meets your preference and comfort. After you select your preference, you can expect an email from your interviewer on Wednesday afternoon before your interview date with more details regarding virtual or telephone options.