UPDATES Year One Programs is continuing to accept applications for and hire RIT 365 Facilitators. Once applicants submit the application form, they will receive information about scheduling an interview to be conducted over the phone or virtually.

Changes to RIT 365

During Fall 2019 we sought out feedback from Facilitators and students in multiple venues.  Below is a summary of what we learned and how we are making changes.  If you would like more details about any of these before submitting your application to return, please contact any of the YOP staff or email yop@rit.edu.

We learned that: YOP is responding by:
there were too many platforms. utilizing fewer technology platforms. The platforms we use will be designed to be more efficient for Facilitators to use.
using the technology was challenging. providing Facilitators training for completing the administrative tasks that require technology platforms on Saturday, August 22.
themes got in the way. eliminating themes. Instead, every section will have an experiential learning opportunity in wellness (during Liftoff!), diversity and inclusion, creativity, and technology.
students didn’t understand the purpose of the course. being more intentional about communicating the purpose of the course to Facilitators and students.
only experiencing Plan-Do-Reflect and dialogue in training was not enough to learn how to facilitate it. providing training that is more specific and instructive.
the forms were too complex. changing the prompts and organization for our forms.
students didn’t understand why we used Portfolium. better communicating to Facilitators and students the purpose of the portfolio in this course and adjusting rubric to more closely align with reflection questions (reflection questions have also been revised).
some students didn’t like Super Speakers. allowing students to register on a first-come-first-served basis for the speaker of their choice from a menu of 2-3 speakers, based on pre-circulated speaker information.
Liftoff! had too much content and not enough community building. designing Liftoff! to focus primarily on community building and engaging in a Plan-Do-Reflect process. Information about dialogue and the purpose of the course is placed in the first class meeting.