2021 Facilitator Training

Welcome Facilitator Training for 2021! We are excited to have you join us on this exceptional journey!

We will provide updates here and through periodic emails throughout the summer.

Please find details about upcoming trainings below.

Spring/Summer Synchronous Training

Complete the Training Availability Survey YOP will communicate with you regarding which Synchronous training you will attend.

Before your synchronous training, download or print the Training Workbook from one of the links below based on which format you prefer.
Spring/Summer Synchronous Training Workbook in PDF
Spring/Summer Synchronous Training Workbook in Word

Asynchronous Summer Training

You can complete the first three in any order. and the last two trainings, which consist primarily of section and Liftoff! assignments, Roster Verification training, and Fall training preparations, will be available by August 6th.

Fall Training

Details to come early August

Our Team

Daniele Brown
Wendy Gilmore-Fitzgerald
Robyn Reafler